Canon TR4522 Setup

How to Set Up and Connect Your Canon Printers to Different Devices

Setting up any branded printer will be a breeze if you correctly follow the manufacturer’s instructions, so the Canon TR4522 setup is no different. With every such printer, you will get a user manual and an instruction manual. While the user manual educates you on the ways to maneuver and maintain the printing device, the instruction manual will teach you how can you set up the printer and connect it to various peripherals and devices, such as a computer, Wi-Fi, as well as your Smartphone.

Installing a printer

There are some general vital steps, as well, to be followed while setting up a printing device. If you would like to install your new Canon PIXMA TR4522 printer, the steps you need to follow include:

  • Acquiring the setup file of the printer
  • It is wise to go through the information and focus on the messages that may appear while downloading the file and setting up the printer.
  • You can now enter your user name and password before clicking the Install Helper and after the Next key.
  • You can now set up your printing device.

After installing the printer, you can get access to the network security notice after setting up your printer successfully.

If you wish for carrying out the Canon TR4522 wireless setup, there are several ways to achieve it. Here only, the installation manual of the manufacturer lends its helping hand to you. You can do it easily using the Wi-Fi Protected Setup method (WPS). This installation method will allow you to connect your preferred network devices effortlessly and quickly to a secure wireless network. While using the WPS setup method, you do not require to know your password or SSID. If you have a router or wireless access point that supports WPS, you can connect your Canon TR4522 wireless printer effortlessly to the network of your home or office.

Cannon offers instruction or installation manual with each model of its printers. When you buy a Canon TR4500 printer, you can make your Canon TR4500 setup endeavor simple and quick by just following the instructions given in the manual. You can connect the printer to any of your preferred devices by:

  • Pressing the Setup key
  • Selecting the device, you want to connect
  • You can press the OK key displayed on the setup screen after selecting the setup method relevant to the device.

However, you may need to change the SSID as well as other settings or switch the connection mode on the TR4500 printer.

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