How to Set Up Fax on Hp Printer

How Can You Send A Fax From Your HP Printer?

Nowadays, most homeowners, as well as small businesses, do not have a separate fax machine due to economical reasons, but still, they need to send a fax. If you want to send a fax immediately, you must have at least a multifunctional printer that is connected to your computer. If you are wondering about how to Fax from Printer HP, you can find many online guides that help you send the fax from your HP printer easily and quickly. All you need is to follow the steps mentioned in these guides correctly. Before looking for such online resources, ensure your HP printer has fax functionality. You can send a fax to your preferred phone numbers provided the numbers acknowledge incoming faxes.

What should you look for while sending a fax?

While looking for How to set up fax on HP printer to send a fax, you have the option to send a fax without using a telephone line. You can easily set up HP Digital Fax by:

  • Opening your computer’s HP printer software
  • Looking for the name and model number of your HP printer on your computer
  • Clicking on the name of your printer in the search results after locating its model and number
  • Getting access to the HP Printer Assistant
  • Locating the Digital Fax setup tool
  • Running the setup tool and following the instructions carefully and correctly

These procedures will enable you to set up the fax functionality successfully on your computer.

Features of the Officejet 8600 printer of HP

The HP Officejet 8600 printer is a multifunctional printing device, which is packed with a bounty of beneficial features. It is an all-in-one color printing device that offers better performance than normal HP printers. The versatile set of features of the printer makes it offer an Inkjet with low operation cost. This is an ideal printing device for office and home use because of its multifunctional feature. This feature makes it an ideal choice for home as well as office use.

How can you access the control panel of a HP printer?

Accessing your HP printer control panel is a breeze, as well. It is enough if you just press or touch the ePrint symbol or key on the control panel of your HP printer and then choose the Settings option. If the control panel of your printer does not have an HP ePrint symbol or key, you can navigate to Network Setup, Web Services Setup, or Wireless Settings to get access to the Web Services menu, according to the model of your HP printer.
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